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Tuesday, February 20, 2024 01:09 PM
LeadingAge KY Education

February 20, 2024

Survey Prep & Understanding Post-Survey Elements 

Need to ensure your team is survey ready?  This intensive 8-week workshop establishes department specific expectations and provides key staff members need to understand the survey process, ensure collective survey preparedness, and overcome deficiencies.

Whether you're new to the LTC survey process, seeking to refresh staff skills, or taking action to reset after less than optimal past health inspection outcomes, this training is for you.

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The Impact of the MDS - MDS Influence on Spades and SNF QRP

The MDS has a ripple effect on facility reimbursement, quality measures and care quality.  This 5-session series targets what facility leaders need to know about the MDS to oversee and drive reimbursement, quality measures/QRP, 5-Star success and care quality.

MDS Influence on Spades and SNF QRP (Feb 21) - The MDS updates effective October 1, 2023 marked the most significant change to the MDS 3.0 since its inception in 2010. Many of the data element changes on the MDS assessment relate to the Standardized Patient Assessment Data Elements (SPADES). The accurate completion of these new SPADES items is critical to the SNF Quality Reporting Program (QRP). In addition, several changes to SNF QRP were finalized in the FY2024 SNF PPS Final Ruel. During this session we will also provide an overview of these changes and detail the impact of key MDS data  elements on the SNF QRP program.

Proactive's MDS experts will provide clarity on crucial performance areas impacted by the RAI process, avoiding common errors and driving outcomes through MDS accuracy in your facility. 

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Activity Professionals State Training Course

Activity Professionals State Training Course will be offered March 11-15, 2024 at the LeadingAge Kentucky Office in Louisville. This 36 hour course satisfies the requirements and objectives for the state of Kentucky for Activity Professionals in Kentucky Nursing Homes. A certificate will be awarded to those who complete the course. Please contact Rhonda Hoyer if you have any questions. Please note this course is at a new location than previous courses.

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Management Training Series - Hire Smart

This seven-part virtual management training series will kick off on Tuesday, January 16.  Sessions will be held every other Tuesday at 12:00 PM Eastern, with the last session on April 9.  This training series is clear, practical, and engaging.  Sessions will include many practical exercises and demonstrations for the purpose of skill-building.

Hire Smart  (Feb 27) - Getting the right people on board is one of the most important responsibilities of a manager. However, most organizations have an undisciplined and unfocused approach to hiring people.  In this session you will learn to how conduct a thorough interview, select a solid candidate, and get them started strong during orientation.

The main drive for employee retention is having a great boss.  In fact, according to Gallup Management Research, 70% of an employee's engagement is determined by the employee's relationship with their direct supervisor.  Most managers have been promoted from staff positions but have never received management training.  When you train managers, everyone wins!  Your employees win, your customers win, and your organization wins.  Great managers produce higher employee engagement, productivity, retention, improved teamwork, and higher customer satisfaction.

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Deconstructing Immediate Jeopardy & High Risk Tags -
Immediate Jeopardy Risk: Abuse & Neglect

This series is designed to empower nursing home professionals with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the top risk areas associated with Immediate Jeopardy citations. Drawing from real-life examples of IJ citations, we’ll delve into actionable solutions to prevent these critical citations in facilities.

Immediate Jeopardy Risk: Abuse & Neglect (Mar 12) - Delve into the critical issue of abuse and neglect in nursing homes while exploring preventative strategies. Learn how to assess risk and implement effective safeguards to prevent abuse and neglect related immediate jeopardy citations.

Participants will dig into the critical issues in nursing home while exploring strategies to prevent immediate jeopardy citations.

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Documentation In Depth Series - Documentation for Pain Management 

This monthly series facilitates moving clinical documentation from satisfactory to superior with a focus on defending quality of care and supporting accurate reimbursement.  Discussion will include assessment considerations, effective care planning in high-risk areas, reporting daily care and services, and overcoming common barriers.  Extensive case studies and documentation examples will be included.

Documentation for Pain Management (March 19) - Leave with a solid understanding of the regulatory landscape, communication skills, and practical strategies for creating comprehensive and supportive documentation for pain management.  

This webinar series aims to empower healthcare professionals in SNFs/NFs to provide the highest quality of care while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of their documentation.

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